Registration help

If you are an invited speaker or have received complimentary registration, you should have gotten an email from the organizers on how to register here for free (you need to redeem a personalized code)! If you haven’t received this code (and think you should have), please contact the organizers!

If you speak Danish, please just continue directly to the registration site. For non-Danish speakers: please accept our apologies that the registration site is in Danish only. Here are some instructions for the registration process:

  • First, press the “Find Billetter” (Find tickets) button to see the possible choices – there are six categories (student, academic, business – and in each case with or without the symposium dinner on Thursday evening). Choose the appropriate category!
  • Press “Næste” (Next)
  • In case you are logged in and purchase for another person or want to change how your name is displayed, use the “skift” (change) option to edit name and e-mail
  • Uncheck the pre-checked check box (to avoid spam)
  • Press “Næste” (Next) again
  • You now get four extra options (notification by text, insurance, postage for physical mailing of tickets, contribution to Danish Refugee Aid) – I suggest to use the “Nej” (No) option on all of these (unless, of course, you want to use some of these options)
  • Press “Næste” (Next) again
  • Under “Betalingsdetaljer” (Payment Details), click on “Skift” (Change) in order to see all options and choose the one you want to use. The first three are: MobilePay, ApplePay, credit card
  • Once you have chosen the payment option, press “Køb nu” (Buy now) to finalize the transaction.
  • You should then receive your ticket(s) and invoice at the email address given earlier.